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July is Eye Injury Prevention Month

by pharmacy on July 2, 2014

Eye-Care-TipsEvery year, more than 1 million people suffer from an eye injury, and many of those injuries could have been prevented with the use of appropriate protective eye wear. When dealing with a patient who has experienced an eye injury, it is important to look for signs of more serious injury that requires immediate medical attention. If a patient comes to your pharmacy asking questions about the best course of action, it is your job to educate them. [click to continue…]


The Role of the Pharmacy in Autism Treatment

by pharmacy on July 3, 2013

autism treatment Autism is a condition that is becoming more prevalent in youth, and often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in adolescents and adults. Finding proper treatment can be stressful, and early intervention is crucial to helping those with autism navigate life and learn social skills while getting the resources they need to succeed in life. While there is still a vast amount of research which needs to be done on autism, medical advances have lead to a breakthrough which shows how autism affects the pathways of the brain. Using diffusion tensor imaging, images were rendered of subjects who showed a marked difference in the formation of pathways that controlled social skills, self awareness, and more. Compared to their peers, the brain pathway development of those with autism showed a marked difference when viewed against the neurotypical participants in the research. [click to continue…]


PTSD currently affects nearly 8 million adults in any given year, and it can be a life threatening illness which greatly hampers quality of life. Pharmacies can help to raise awareness of the causes, treatments, and symptoms of PTSD during the month of June. Getting involved with a PTSD awareness campaign such as the Wounded Warrior Project or your community’s local VA is another way to increase literature available to customers who may feel uncomfortable asking their pharmacist if they are experiencing PTSD symptoms. [click to continue…]


Lipitor Goes off the Cliff…Now What?

by pharmacy on May 23, 2012

Well, it’s happened. Lipitor, the biggest blockbuster drug in history, went off patent in November, and Pfizer is feeling the pinch. Sales fell off by 42% immediately, and even with sales of other on-patent drugs like Celebrex and Lyrica soaring, overall pharmaceutical sales dropped a full 25%. The first quarter of 2012 saw Lipitor sales down 71%.

In June, the Lipitor exclusivity owned by Ranbaxy Laboratories will also expire, making it open season for generics to take a bigger share of the lucrative high-cholesterol market. None of this comes as a surprise. The industry has been buzzing about the astounding number of drugs going off patent over the next few years. The real question is, without new blockbuster drugs in the pipeline, can the big companies weather the storm – especially in today’s economy? [click to continue…]


The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

by pharmacy on May 11, 2012

Synthetic marijuana: you may know it by such fanciful names as K2, Spice, Spike 99, Genie, Blaze, Red X Dawn, Purple Wave, Vanilla Sky, or Bliss. It’s legal…but is it also lethal?


Beginning in 2009, a dangerous substitute for marijuana began showing up across the U.S. – in conveniences stores, gas stations, head shops, at flea markets, online, and anywhere that things like incense are sold. Marketed as incense, powerful herbal products infused with designer drugs, the product is typically packaged in zip-top bags with psychedelic art on the labels. [click to continue…]


HIV, Hepatitis C, and other forms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are an ever-growing risk for today’s youth. As pharmacies, it is our responsibility to dispense medication to treat these conditions. However, taking it a step further has the chance to also help the communities in which we serve. Making personal connections with individual clients, organizations that provide care and education, and enabling staff to treat individuals and not just script numbers is the key to success and building relationships. [click to continue…]


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