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Why Are Doctor’s Handwriting So Bad?

by pharmacy on November 27, 2019

One of the biggest fears of any pharmacist is filling a prescription improperly. Getting the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or the wrong
frequency could all potentially be life threatening mistakes. The margin for error in the field of pharmaceuticals is quite small. Between drug allergies, drug interactions, and dispensing medications that are harmful to a customer’s health, there are a number of ways filling a prescription can go horribly wrong if the pharmacist has trouble reading the physician’s handwriting. [click to continue…]


Top Conferences for Pharmacist in 2019

by pharmacy on February 13, 2019

Attending conferences is a great experience for pharmacists in all aspects of the field. Whether you’re a clinical or research pharmacist looking to learn about the latest innovations or a retail pharmacist who would like to build a better network for job advancement possibilities, there is truly something for everyone. You can find conference opportunities throughout the world, all year round, but here are a few of our top conferences for pharmacists in 2019 in the United States.

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The FDA Push for More Generics

by pharmacy on March 21, 2018

generic pillsThe high cost of prescriptions has been the bane of American society for a long time. We have watched so many people struggle to afford their medicines, make decisions over healthcare, and eat too often. For the pharmacist, it can be heartbreaking to watch our patients struggle to make ends meet and take care of themselves. The FDA has taken great strides to push for easier access to generics and we will soon see the snowball effect of their efforts. [click to continue…]


How to Manage Stress as a Pharmacist

by pharmacy on February 7, 2018

managing stress pharmacistBeing a pharmacist can be one of the hardest jobs. You are juggling so much in a day and if someone calls in sick, you are doing even more. Long hours, frustrated patients, delayed deliveries, and days in which nothing goes right can bring a person down and make feeling good about our jobs difficult. If you are struggling now, there are things you can do. If you aren’t struggling right now, we know you will at some point and these tips are perfect for you as well. [click to continue…]


A bill that aims to see pharmacists recognized as, “health care providers who have the authority to provide health services” is making its way through the California state legislature. This bill has potential to travel quickly through the senate, or it could end up frozen and hung up on technicalities. The bill shows a changing attitude towards the services that pharmacists provide, and with it allows for a more open dialog about what medical providers can or could expect from a pharmacist listed as a medical provider in their facility.

The bill would allow California pharmacists to dispense smoking cessation drugs, train others about drug therapy, participate in reviews of patient milestones and have access to medical reports to offer suggestions or alternatives, furnish contraceptives, and more. Having pharmacists able to complete these tasks will free up valuable time and resources in hospitals, primary care clinics, and other health care settings. It would be a boon to the public by allowing pharmacists to perform physical exams, offer patients referrals to other healthcare providers, adjust and begin drug therapies, and more.

There is a vast shortage of health care providers in California, and this bill would enable many pharmacists to fill a much needed role for medical providers in the state. This will allow pharmacists to have the designation of “Advanced Practice Pharmacist,” and enable them to perform the basic health care assessments and services listed above. This designation is currently available for pursuit by pharmacists in the state of California, offering this advanced designation to over 40,000 pharmacists. Allowing pharmacies and pharmacists to offer their services in a variety of settings, and expanding the services which they can provide is a crucial step in easing the burden on an already overtaxed medical care provider system in California.

Pharmacists in California will be allowed to expand their services provided, allowing for basic services to be rendered by the pharmacists on staff instead of a primary care physician or another member of a medical team. Creating more health care providers is key, as California’s medical care options are set to change drastically when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect in 2014. California’s state level health care assistance program, Med-Cal, will not currently allow coverage for pharmacist rendered services under its current Medicaid program.

Changing the landscape of services that pharmacists can offer is just one goal that this bill hopes to accomplish. With the Affordable Care Act going into place, and more medical providers being open to expanding their practices to include pharmacists in a larger role in everyday tasks, the way that the public views their local pharmacist is set to change. If this bill moves through the senate, the ability of pharmacists and pharmacies to better serve their community and their state.

How has your pharmacy expanded or modified roles of your team to meet the needs of your community in a changing healthcare world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Pharmacy Outreach: Raise Awareness about Heat Related Illnesses

Temperatures are soaring, and records are set to be broken across the continental United States. Many people are avoiding outdoor excursions while others continue about their daily routine with very little thought to the dangers presented by the extreme temperatures. High temperatures can be especially harmful to individuals already suffering from other health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Fortunately, there is one place these people all must go on a regular basis – their pharmacy! [click to continue…]


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