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September: National Preparedness Month

by pharmacy on September 3, 2014


If there was an emergency in your local area right now, would you be ready? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) want you to focus on being ready for anything at anytime – and that’s what September is all about. 2014 is the 11th year for the National Preparedness Month – sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. [click to continue…]


dangers-prescription-safety In 2013, 16 elementary school children were hospitalized with a sudden illness. All the students were vomiting after having eaten “mints” given to them by a fellow classmate. Upon further research, these were found to be NiQuitin nicotine mints, similar in appearance to Tic-Tacs, which contained between 1.5-4 mg of nicotine per mint. [click to continue…]

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A situation like the one that occurred at the Boston Marathon can happen anywhere. Being prepared to handle a crisis or emergency situation is crucial to providing care and services to those injured in a bombing, natural disaster, or other scenario where a high rate of injury has occurred. Keeping staff trained and informed on what to do in the event of a crisis is just one way that a pharmacy can ensure that its staff acts with precision and decorum in a crisis situation. [click to continue…]


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