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Beginning in 2008, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield teamed up with Kroger pharmacies to launch a program aimed at helping 845 Cincinnati and the Kroger employees learn to manage diabetes and hypertension. The employees received individual attention via one-on-one meetings with Kroger pharmacists specially trained to address their needs. The results were very promising. [click to continue…]

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In the grand tradition of preying on people desperate for help, several OTC products on the market offer help they cannot deliver. In May, the FDA and the FTC teamed up to take action against products that make fraudulent claims to treat, cure, or prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. [click to continue…]


Improving the health care system to lower costs and make health care more accessible has been a topic of discussion in the U.S. for decades. One objection to President Obama’s health care bill was the fear that there would not be enough doctors to cover the additional patients and services. Fortunately, pharmacies were already in place to help fill the gap by providing services beyond traditional roles. [click to continue…]


The FDA has declared war on over the counter (OTC) medications, with the main targets being cold and fever medications, dietary supplements, and antacids. With OTC products increasingly harder to find, it’s up to pharmacists to fill the gap for consumers and help them find replacement products that meet their needs. [click to continue…]


Price Gouging Pharmaceuticals?

by pharmacy on April 26, 2011

Some drug companies are grabbing up exclusive rights to common, previously untested medications and jacking the prices up to sky-high levels. How did this happen? [click to continue…]


With new brick-and-mortars springing up on every corner, Walgreen’s $409 million acquisition of should come as no real surprise.

Walgreens currently has 7,689 locations throughout the U.S. and does business online at’s purchase price will come from Walgreen’s existing buyout chest, which is well stocked after racking up $67 billion in fiscal sales last year. The acquisition should prove to be a bargain for the retail giant. Not only do they get the holy grail of dotcom names, an average of four million unique web visitors, a thriving affiliate marketing program, and a solid $456.5 million in net sales in 2010, they also get control of’s associated web sites:,, and [click to continue…]


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