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Three states roll out auto-dispensing units

by Toby Roberts on May 1, 2009

Most recently tested in Vermont but also used in areas of Alaska and Montana, automatic dispensing units are increasing the flexibility of consumers to pick up their prescriptions. The machines allow a pharmacist in one location to dispense medications for patients over larger geographical areas.

The operation of the machines depends first on a pharmacist to fill the machines with commonly used medications such as antibiotics and inhalers. A registered pharmacy technician then operates the machine under the watchful eye of a live video feed. The machine can be placed in a clinic facility so that patients in rural areas don’t have to drive a long way to get their prescriptions filled. Patients can also take advantage of a video phone to have a consultation with the pharmacist about the medication so the potential for communication about risks and side effects is not lost.

Despite some concerns that the machines might take business away from pharmacists, physicians say that is not the case and that the machines make for happier patients. Many patients have become frustrated with long drives and long waits to receive medications. This program solves that problem and the patients are so far reporting an increase in convenience and cost savings since they don’t have to make long commutes to pharmacies out of their immediate area.

There are so far about 250 machines in use across the country. The makers of the machines add that it gives the pharmacist an increased ability to provide services for those outside their immediate area.

Those concerned about security need not worry. The dispensing units are locked, well-secured, and yes, they are bullet proof.


A prescription for success

by Brigid DeFalco on April 14, 2009

Rph on the Go can write the prescription for your successful pharmacy career.

Your Rph on the Go Career Consultant will know what opportunities exist, tell us where you want to live, what type of setting you prefer to work in and we will do the rest. Instead of sending out resume after resume hoping to land an interview, Rph on the Go will bring the interview to you.

At Rph on the Go, our purpose is Future, Love and Family. Rather than taking the path that is presented to you by chance and opportunity, we set you up to succeed and build your career around your life, rather than building your life around your career.

We help you design your future so that you can have the quality of life that is the American Dream.

There are many benefits to working with Rph on the Go. You are never locked in or locked down. You will enjoy a freedom that is rare indeed these days when you become part of our organization; no one dictates your hours, your work setting, or your career path. You choose it and we build it for you.

Our client base is diverse, we have big name retailers, private and government institutions that are in need of Pharmaceutical Staff on an ongoing basis.

Do you prefer the fast-paced and unpredictable world of retail, where time passes quickly due to the volume that passes through your pharmacy? Do you prefer a steady, “known” pace, such as that found in a long-term care facility, where volume tends to be more constant? With Rph on the Go, you choose, and if you change your mind, that is not a problem, you can change your career path by contacting your Career Consultant.

Flexibility in the work place is indeed a rarity for all professionals today, even in these difficult economic times, you can maximize your options by working with Rph on the Go.

If you just are not sure which direction to take your career, Rph on the Go will allow you to experiment so that you find the niche that is just right for you.


Jump start your pharmacy career!

by pharmacy on April 9, 2009

You are almost there; graduation day is just several weeks away.

All your hard work is about to pay off for you, and how do you make sure that you are taking advantage of the optimum opportunities in the Pharmacy environment today?

Easy! List yourself with RPh on the Go, the most trusted and respected staffing firm in the pharmacy field today.

RPh on the Go has nationwide resources. Pharmacists are in high demand throughout the United States, even during these difficult economic times. Signing up with a Pharmacy Staffing Firm with the reputation of RPh on the Go ensures that you will be aware and, more importantly, available, for the best opportunities that are available today. Get a step ahead of your graduating class by having a professional organization with an excellent reputation market you directly to those employers.

RPh on the Go is the first Pharmacy Staffing Firm to have received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, a private sector, non-profit organization responsible for the accreditation of health care groups in the United States. Our firm proudly bears the distinction of being the first Pharmacy Staffing Firm to earn this achievement, as; we are always a leader in our field of expertise, which is placing you on the career path that will bring you to a successful, life-long career.

Not sure which type of Pharmacy Career Path you wish to pursue just yet? That is not a problem with RPh on the Go. We offer short-term, temporary assignments as well as long-term permanent positions through our staffing service. This allows you to fully investigate the different types of positions available to Pharmacists today, including, but not limited to retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, managed care facilities, state and federal facilities, clinical consulting services and home infusion pharmacies.

Allowing yourself to try the different types of career paths on for size can help you make an informed and educated decision as to what type of permanent position you wish to pursue, without any doubt at all in your mind.

You may not be certain which part of the country you wish to live and work in yet, and a short-term assignment is just the ticket to allow you to see the country while you are building your career and decide exactly where you would like to build your life.

When you sign up with RPh on the Go, you are opening your career up to endless opportunities that can have you make excellent choices as to where you want to build your life. RPh on the Go can also help you find that permanent position if you have already decided what branch of Pharmacy you prefer to work in or if you have a specific area of the country where you wish to live.

When you sign up with RPh on the Go, you gain access to a Personal Career Consultant that will help you custom design the career you desire. As a recent graduate of Pharmacy School, you will quickly and easily begin to build your experience when you allow RPh on the Go to help you jump-start your career as a Pharmacist.


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