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The Science Behind Fish Oil for Asthma

by pharmacy on April 26, 2017

fish oil for asthmaAsthma is one of the most common breathing issues for millions of people in the US. Often, we assume people are using inhalers to help them get through the attacks. However, more doctors are looking at other ways of helping people treat their asthma. Today, we want to focus in on the natural treatment of asthma using fish oil. [click to continue…]


All Natural Treatments Still Have Interactions

by pharmacy on April 5, 2017

natural medicine interactionsThere has been a shift, or shall we say a push, to start using more natural remedies for common ailments. It’s a cause well worth considering and being mindful of. Both natural relief and synthetic medications have their place in the healing world. However, the biggest problem we face is that people assume that all natural means it’s safe in any situation—but it’s not. Natural just means naturally grown and not a synthetic, man-made medication. There are still interactions that the physicians, pharmacists, and patients must be aware of. [click to continue…]


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