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Bring on The Living Tattoo

by pharmacy on February 21, 2018

tattoo materials wearable deviceWearables for health tracking is becoming a hot item these days and it looks like we could see “living” tattoos becoming the latest trend to hit markets. What are they? How can they be used? What is the impact on the pharmacy industry? Today, we dive deeper into this potential new product and what is in store for major medical changes. [click to continue…]


Taking an over the counter pain reliever can also treat anxiety over fear of death and the unknown after we pass on. Pain extends far beyond the physical, transcending a scope of mental, emotional, and psychological needs to be met and addressed. Research has lead a team of scientists to believe that acetaminophen can have a positive effect on things such as existential dread, fear of death, or anxiety over an illness. Being careful to address the needs of clients in trying times such as facing the death of a family member, their own mortality, or the suffering of a loved one is important. [click to continue…]


Mail Order Drugs

by pharmacy on August 15, 2012

Mail Order Drugs – Why isn’t this issue in the national spotlight?

A comment on a recent blog post about the Express Scripts/Medco merger brought up a point so important it deserved its own post. Why are mail order drugs even allowed by law?

Stephen Logsdon, Pharm.D. wrote:

“With regard to mandatory mail, here in Florida it gets HOT…and as we all know, prescription meds (of all kinds) are simply NOT meant to ‘stored’ in a 110+ degree mailboxes for up to 6-8 hours at a time, and I refuse to accept/return to sender any medication that has been subjected to such ‘excursions.’

I’ve had many successes succinctly explaining to patients whose insurance is trying to enforce a ‘no-refill at retail’ policy that the lack of climate control during the shipping progress may very well effect the efficacy their medication has against the illness they’re taking them for…just something to think about…” [click to continue…]


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