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All Natural Treatments Still Have Interactions

by pharmacy on April 5, 2017

natural medicine interactionsThere has been a shift, or shall we say a push, to start using more natural remedies for common ailments. It’s a cause well worth considering and being mindful of. Both natural relief and synthetic medications have their place in the healing world. However, the biggest problem we face is that people assume that all natural means it’s safe in any situation—but it’s not. Natural just means naturally grown and not a synthetic, man-made medication. There are still interactions that the physicians, pharmacists, and patients must be aware of. [click to continue…]


21st Century Cures Act is a Game Changer

by pharmacy on March 15, 2017

21 century cures actIn an increasingly combative Congress, the 21st Century Cures Act stands out as a rare bipartisan effort. With at least 88% of legislators in both parties in the House and Senate in favor of it, it was one of the last acts signed into law by President Obama.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee first introduced the act in May 2015 and became its first cosponsors. The final product contained 312 pages of provisions that will help to discover, develop, and deliver innovative new cures and treatments for pervasive health issues. Overall the act authorizes $6.3 billion in funding for various initiatives. [click to continue…]


pharmacy compounding restrictionsOver the spring and summer, the FDA released several guidance documents that reveal what they think about pharmacy compounding now that relevant federal law provisions are in place, and there’s a budget available for oversight. [click to continue…]


FDA Bans Certain Antibacterial Chemicals in Soap

by pharmacy on October 26, 2016

antibacterial soap banLast month, the FDA issued a final ruling on antibacterial soaps. No longer can manufacturers say these soaps are more effective than regular soap. Under the new rule, antibacterial soaps and body washes that contain certain chemicals cannot be marketed as such, simply because those ingredients didn’t prove to be both safe and effective for long-term daily use. [click to continue…]


Ketamine Based Anti-Depressant Being Considered by FDA

by pharmacy on September 14, 2016

anti depressantSuicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States across most age groups. This highlights the seriousness of depression and the need for a greater number of options for treatment. A ketamine-based alternative has undergoing Phase 2 clinical trials and the results are promising. [click to continue…]


FDA Approves First Cholesterol Lowering Device

by pharmacy on August 24, 2016

lower cholesterolIn July, the FDA approved the Repatha Pushtronex System. This is a single-dose delivery system that allows patients to receive 420 mg of the PCSK9 inhibitor in a single dose using SmartDose technology. The device should be available to consumers sometime in August. [click to continue…]


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