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pharmacist trust patientsAs in all medical professions, building trust with those you serve is one of the biggest responsibilities of a pharmacist. As a leader in the pharmacy, you must ensure that your entire team is doing their part to create a solid reputation for your company as a knowledgeable, friendly, caring corporation that has the community’s best interests in mind. Though there are a lot of ways to build trust with your patients, here are five simple things you can start to today that will help you to establish trust with current patients and those new to your pharmacy. [click to continue…]


alternative medicine counselingNatural or alternative medicines are nothing new to healthcare. People have been testing and investigating how the gifts of nature can be used to treat illnesses and improve health since the dawn of humanity. There seems to be a shift in recent years that has stoked a new interest in alternative medicines, which has produced positive outcomes for many. The use of alternative medicines, however, can create some issues when coupled with prescribed medications. [click to continue…]


Ways You Can Help Fight the Opioid Crisis

by pharmacy on May 9, 2018

opioid crisis counselingThe opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country is affecting everyone. There are problems in rural and urban areas. Abuse is rampant in both low and high-income neighborhoods. Addictions to painkillers that open the door to serious drug abuse may begin with prescribed medication. So as a gatekeeper to opioid painkillers, how can pharmacists help in the fight against this fatal epidemic that has devastated so many lives? [click to continue…]


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