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7 Habits of Highly Effective Pharmacists

by pharmacy on July 9, 2020

Helpful pharmacist dealing with a woman customerPharmacy students, and pharmacists themselves, often worry if they are enough when it comes to the job. Do they know enough? Are they patient enough? Do they listen well enough? Rather than focusing on if you are enough, let’s look at if your habits are conducive to your success. [click to continue…]


pharmacy continuing education classesContinuing education is a must of all pharmacists, as there are requirements in every state for license renewal. In some cases, there are specific courses you must take, while in others, you can choose the courses that are a good fit for your patient flow and interests. Whether you’re looking for courses to prepare for licensure or if you just want to increase your knowledge to become a better care provider for your patients, here are some continuing education courses that you should consider. [click to continue…]


Ways You Can Help Fight the Opioid Crisis

by pharmacy on May 9, 2018

opioid crisis counselingThe opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country is affecting everyone. There are problems in rural and urban areas. Abuse is rampant in both low and high-income neighborhoods. Addictions to painkillers that open the door to serious drug abuse may begin with prescribed medication. So as a gatekeeper to opioid painkillers, how can pharmacists help in the fight against this fatal epidemic that has devastated so many lives? [click to continue…]


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