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How to Become a Pharmacy Manager

by pharmacy on December 26, 2020

Pharmacy Manager

Advancing to become a pharmacy manager is a goal that many new pharmacists set when starting down their career path. Some find their way to the top quickly, while others never seem to be able to reach the position they so desire. What is it that makes a good pharmacy manager? What skills should you demonstrate to help you on your way to the promotion you want? While that answer is just a little different in every company, here are five traits every pharmacy manager should have. [click to continue…]

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pharmacist careerAs in many careers, there are several paths that you can take within pharmacy. The most popular choices are as a pharmacist or as a pharmacy tech. Each of these careers has an important purpose in the medical field, allowing you to achieve the main goal of the profession – helping patients. In order to decide which pharmacy career path is the right one for you, take a look at the different job titles to compare and contrast. [click to continue…]


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