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The FDA Push for More Generics

by pharmacy on March 21, 2018

generic pillsThe high cost of prescriptions has been the bane of American society for a long time. We have watched so many people struggle to afford their medicines, make decisions over healthcare, and eat too often. For the pharmacist, it can be heartbreaking to watch our patients struggle to make ends meet and take care of themselves. The FDA has taken great strides to push for easier access to generics and we will soon see the snowball effect of their efforts. [click to continue…]


The Evolution of Pharmacy

by pharmacy on March 14, 2018

evolution of pharmacyPharmacies and the role of pharmacists have been evolving for centuries. It is a job that began with the ancients and continues to this very day. When we go through our day to day lives, it is difficult to imagine just how much it has changed. Change isn’t always welcomed with open arms. but when we take a look back, it can make you grateful to be a part of it. [click to continue…]


Gene Therapy and Blindness

by pharmacy on March 7, 2018

gene therapy blindnessWhen we think of blindness, we assume that it is someone who has no vision whatsoever. We tend to forget that blindness comes in different levels of intensity and how it affects their day to day lives. For people who have inherited a defective RP65 gene, it means that they live with color blindness or suffer from retinal degeneration. The FDA recently approved a gene therapy that could help those who have inherited the gene. Today we explore the therapy, the excitement behind it, the reality of the cost, and what changes we could see in the future. [click to continue…]


Bring on The Living Tattoo

by pharmacy on February 21, 2018

tattoo materials wearable deviceWearables for health tracking is becoming a hot item these days and it looks like we could see “living” tattoos becoming the latest trend to hit markets. What are they? How can they be used? What is the impact on the pharmacy industry? Today, we dive deeper into this potential new product and what is in store for major medical changes. [click to continue…]


Gene Editing Is the Next Big Thing

by pharmacy on February 14, 2018

gene editingGene editing has been a big topic amongst some circles and continues to be a big deal when we think of healthcare. Gene editing is still considered to be controversial with opponents arguing that it’s simply not ethical to edit our genes. Today we look at the basics of gene editing happening today, what it can do in the future, and what it means for healthcare overall. [click to continue…]


How to Manage Stress as a Pharmacist

by pharmacy on February 7, 2018

managing stress pharmacistBeing a pharmacist can be one of the hardest jobs. You are juggling so much in a day and if someone calls in sick, you are doing even more. Long hours, frustrated patients, delayed deliveries, and days in which nothing goes right can bring a person down and make feeling good about our jobs difficult. If you are struggling now, there are things you can do. If you aren’t struggling right now, we know you will at some point and these tips are perfect for you as well. [click to continue…]


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