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Ways You Can Help Fight the Opioid Crisis

by pharmacy on May 9, 2018

opioid crisis counselingThe opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country is affecting everyone. There are problems in rural and urban areas. Abuse is rampant in both low and high-income neighborhoods. Addictions to painkillers that open the door to serious drug abuse may begin with prescribed medication. So as a gatekeeper to opioid painkillers, how can pharmacists help in the fight against this fatal epidemic that has devastated so many lives? [click to continue…]


pharmacy roles 2As we’ve discussed before, it is often assumed that all a pharmacist does is dispense medicines and ensure the patient understands how to take their meds. More pharmacists pay a big role as a part of a team to help a patient get better and improve their health overall. More medical groups around the country are making every effort to help change how patients view the role of the pharmacist. If you are looking to branch out or a student considering your future, read on to discover how pharmacists are working with other medical groups more closely. [click to continue…]


Household Chores Could Lower Heart Disease

by pharmacy on April 18, 2018

household chorseFor years, we have been told that household chores do not count as exercise. At one point, women were told that children and housework could increase your chance of heart disease. Doctors in Sweden are now challenging those ways of thinking with a new study they released earlier this year. They worked on their study for 15 years and have noted that many folks reduced their chances of heart disease by 24%. This is a significant breakthrough and can be very helpful to those who are overweight, obese, and/or too sedentary. [click to continue…]


Nurturing the Community Through Volunteering

by pharmacy on April 11, 2018

pharmacist volunteerMany pharmacists and students are so passionate about wanting to help communities that they overlook the very real opportunities to volunteer, learn, and care for the community abroad. Just like Doctors Without Borders, pharmacists have lots of potential outlets to hone their craft and passions with volunteering. Below are a few opportunities we wanted to share with you today. [click to continue…]


Pharmacist Blogs You Should Follow in 2018

by pharmacy on April 4, 2018

pharmacy blogs 2018One of the best things about professional careers is the wealth of information you can find online. You must be scrupulous and diligent in the process of finding good information. It is just as easy to find wrong information as it is to find the good stuff. We have curated a list of blogs you should take the time to look through and enjoy at your own leisure. There is also the added benefit that it costs nothing to subscribe to these blogs! [click to continue…]


Top 3 Cities for Travel Pharmacists

by pharmacy on March 28, 2018

best cities for travel pharmacistsTraveling pharmacists have been gaining popularity for the last decade. The ability to freely move around and explore new areas while maintaining the desired career is certainly something to get excited about! If you have been considering taking your career into the traveling option, all you need is at least a year of experience. The more experience you have, the more likely you will be hired. This doesn’t mean if you have just a year’s experience that you shouldn’t try for a travel job! Here are the top three cities to consider when looking for traveling pharmacy work. [click to continue…]


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