Medical Marijuana Use Continues in States

by Toby Roberts on March 17, 2010

Medical marijuana use is increasing across the United States. Currently, fourteen states have provisions and laws that allow the regulated use of medical marijuana. Twelve additional states have legislation pending that will make allowances for medical use and that number is likely to increase substantially over the next several years.

Although the federal government still classifies marijuana as illegal, the Obama administration policy dictates a shift in enforcement to allow those who are strictly following state laws to use marijuana for medical purposes. The federal government stresses the necessary compliance with all local and state laws for the distribution and use of marijuana to avoid the potential for federal enforcement of the anti-drug laws.

Marijuana is thought to provide an alternative course of treatment for pain management as well as conditions that cause loss of appetite and/or nasea or vomiting. It is commonly used by chemotherapy patients as well as those with chronic conditions such as Chrohn’s disease.

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