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The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) began in the mid-1970s with the goal of tracking and investigating medication errors. Through voluntary reporting they review and investigate over 1000 medication errors each year.

The most common problems notes are not the pharmacists but the process of medication prescription and use.  Examples of breakdowns include, “look-alike vials of medication, the use of devises for medication delivery, similar drug names and similar brand-name extensions for over-the-counter drugs, dosing mix ups and ambiguous orders written by prescribers.”  The group collects information on the errors and then documents the likely reason for the mistakes and how they might be avoided in similar scenarios. [click to continue…]


Rates Lowered for Electronic Prescriptions

by Toby Roberts on February 17, 2010

Surescripts electronic prescriptions implemented an overall rate reduction for their services in January of this year. The reduction is an attempt to encourage smaller pharmacies and physician groups to use electronic prescription services. The drop is estimated at a 10-15% reduction for smaller independent pharmacies. The amount of the decrease varies slightly depending on the type of software that is being used.

The service is already free for physicians and other prescribers but the company estimates that fewer than 25% of small offices make use of electronic prescriptions. Larger companies with in house IT departments have already made the switch but the majority of prescriptions are written by independent physicians and staffs. [click to continue…]


The Importance of Technician Certification

by pharmacy on August 6, 2009

The pharmacy industry is more important in our lives than we realize; it is responsible for curing us when we fall ill and saving our lives through medicines and drugs. It helps us improve the quality of our lives by focusing on not just corrective medicine but also on the preventive kind which helps us stay healthy without having to see doctors and take medication to do so.
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