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The latest technological breakthrough on the pharmaceutical market comes not in the form of a new drug or therapy, but in a revolutionary medicine bottle cap. Vitality GlowCaps have harnessed smart technology to remind patients to take their meds, and to inform on them if they don’t. [click to continue…]


Medication Safety and the Pharmacist’s Role

by pharmacy on January 18, 2011

The new Walgreens commercials address a growing concern in patient care. The point made was simple. If you bring all your medications to a Walgreens pharmacy, they will keep track of everything you’re taking, including supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies, in order to warn you of possible drug interactions. This is a powerful selling point. In an article published on, Deb Saine, MS, RPh, medication safety manager at the Winchester Medical Center/Valley Health in Winchester, Virginia said, “Pharmacists should have a leadership role in planning, selection, system design, development, implementation, and maintenance. The goal is to ensure that technology supports safe medication use.” [click to continue…]


4 National Pharmacist Associations

by pharmacy on November 9, 2010

As a pharmacist you will most likely be inundated with offers to join various local, state, and national organizations targeted at your profession. Joining one, or more, is a great way to expand your connections and get current information related to your field. The following four national pharmacist associations each have something special to offer industry insiders. [click to continue…]


American Pharmacists Month

by pharmacy on October 21, 2010

October is American Pharmacists Month. The celebration that now lasts for a full month originated in 1924 when Robert J Ruth, a North Carolina pharmacist, broached the idea of promoting the profession during a meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association, now known as the American Pharmacist Association. He suggested a “National Pharmaceutical Week,” and the idea was well received. The first celebration of National Pharmaceutical Week was October 11th – 17th of 1925. Radio stations around the nation aired programs that promoted the pharmaceutical profession. [click to continue…]


Choosing the career path of Home Infusion Pharmacy brings you into a branch of Pharmacy that will require you to have intensive communication skills and that will also bring you very close to the patients that you serve.

At Rph on the Go, your personal Career Consultant will work with you to help you choose which branch of Pharmacy you wish to pursue. The rising number of Home Infusion Pharmacies around the country is creating a high demand for Pharmacists in this area. More and more patients, for a variety of reasons, are opting for home health care rather than inpatient treatment.

If you enjoy heavy interaction with your patients and the nursing staff that administers to them, this may be the niche for you.

When a patient is treating a serious disease but is allowed to do so in the comfort and privacy of their own home, they create a special bond with their Pharmacist that naturally develops through human nature. Your ongoing monitoring of the results of their treatment and interaction with other members of the health care staff involved will bring you very close to these patients at times. You are literally the “lifeline”, the key link, in this patient’s medical treatment and if you are a “people person” you may find this very rewarding and possibly emotionally trying at times.

Interacting with the patient will require you to be able to reassure them when they are fearful and advise them on a technical level so that they have a clear understanding of their treatment and what they can expect. They will be looking to you for answers and you will be there to educate them.

Many big chain retailers nationwide are now offering 24/7 home infusion services, creating a large need for staff. At Rph on the Go we know what those opportunities are and can provide the staff required. Is this the career path for you? Sign up with us today and begin working with your Personal Career Consultant. We care about you and your career path and we want to set you up to succeed.

Do you want to learn more about Rph on the Go? Read our Newsletter or check out our listing of Pharmacist Positions on a state-by-state basis.

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