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decongestants and hypertensionWith winter invariably comes an increase in cases of the common cold—and sales of the over the counter medications used to manage symptoms from a cold. But for people with high blood pressure, cold medicine can be dangerous.

One of the most common symptoms of the cold is nasal congestion, which happens when tissues in and around the nose have too much fluid. Those afflicted with nasal congestion can help manage their symptoms by drinking plenty of fluids and getting some rest, but many people also turn to over the counter decongestants to ease their symptoms. [click to continue…]


Beginning in 2008, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield teamed up with Kroger pharmacies to launch a program aimed at helping 845 Cincinnati and the Kroger employees learn to manage diabetes and hypertension. The employees received individual attention via one-on-one meetings with Kroger pharmacists specially trained to address their needs. The results were very promising. [click to continue…]

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