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All Natural Treatments Still Have Interactions

by pharmacy on April 5, 2017

natural medicine interactionsThere has been a shift, or shall we say a push, to start using more natural remedies for common ailments. It’s a cause well worth considering and being mindful of. Both natural relief and synthetic medications have their place in the healing world. However, the biggest problem we face is that people assume that all natural means it’s safe in any situation—but it’s not. Natural just means naturally grown and not a synthetic, man-made medication. There are still interactions that the physicians, pharmacists, and patients must be aware of. [click to continue…]


pharmacists warning labelsThe Chicago Tribune recently published a shocking investigative report showing that many pharmacies are failing to warn people about potentially deadly drug interactions when dispensing medications. Over the past two years, the Tribune tested 255 pharmacies in the Chicago region to see whether pharmacists were warning patients about drugs that were deadly or had serious consequences when taken together; only 52% passed the test. The pharmacies ranged from major chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kmart, to regional chains such as Jewel-Osco and independent pharmacies. [click to continue…]


The Ever-Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians

by pharmacy on December 7, 2016

pharmacy technicianAs the healthcare landscape continues to transform and shift, more pharmacy technicians are seeing drastic changes in their roles and responsibilities.

Technicians’ presence in the pharmacy industry has steadily been growing, as the technicians are a very important part of pharmacy operation. Their main job is to support the pharmacist in the various roles they play throughout all practice settings. In many ways, pharmacy techs are the backbone of the pharmacy operation, and for a pharmacy to be successful, they must play an active role. [click to continue…]

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acetaminophen-tylenol-pregnancyAcetaminophen is generally considered safe for women to continue taking while they are pregnant or nursing. New research suggests that fetal exposure to the drug may be associated with behavioral problems such as ADHD or other disorders in children. [click to continue…]


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