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The Fight Against Heart Disease

by pharmacy on August 30, 2017

heart disease treatmentHeart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the US, regardless of race. It has been the number one killer for the last 80 years. Despite the fact that it’s so deadly, we are finally seeing fewer people die each year from heart disease. What are we doing that is working? [click to continue…]


insulin resistant dietDiabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in our country, and it may feel like a death sentence for some who are diagnosed with the disease. But some patients with prediabetes or Type II diabetes are able to reverse insulin resistance and live healthier lives.  Pharmacists are in the unique position where they can help the doctor/patient team by offering support for a healthier diet. Here are some foods that are helpful in battling insulin resistance. [click to continue…]


It’s November: What is Your Pharmacy Doing for National Diabetes Month?

November is National Diabetes Month, and pharmacists can be on the front lines of getting the word out. We’re sure you have your diabetes supplies – blood sugar monitors, test strips, syringes, glucose tabs, and the like – in prominent display for the diabetics who do their business with you already, but do you have anything in place to help people who are undiagnosed know when they should seek treatment? [click to continue…]


Beginning in 2008, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield teamed up with Kroger pharmacies to launch a program aimed at helping 845 Cincinnati and the Kroger employees learn to manage diabetes and hypertension. The employees received individual attention via one-on-one meetings with Kroger pharmacists specially trained to address their needs. The results were very promising. [click to continue…]

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KITT Comes Home

by pharmacy on August 31, 2011

Remember Knight Rider? That cheesy ’80s show starring David Hasselhoff and KITT, the most hopped-up Trans Am ever to hit the airwaves? Or maybe you caught the short-lived remake a few years back. KITT was more than just a car. Given voice by William Daniels in the original version, KITT had personality, impeccable judgement, and more than a little sarcastic wit. A hot sports car that did everything from terrorize bad guys to remind the Hoff to pick up his dry cleaning. In May, Ford revealed a partnership with WellDoc that brings diabetics one step closer to KITT…in the family car. [click to continue…]


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