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The Ever-Evolving Role of Pharmacy Technicians

by pharmacy on December 7, 2016

pharmacy technicianAs the healthcare landscape continues to transform and shift, more pharmacy technicians are seeing drastic changes in their roles and responsibilities.

Technicians’ presence in the pharmacy industry has steadily been growing, as the technicians are a very important part of pharmacy operation. Their main job is to support the pharmacist in the various roles they play throughout all practice settings. In many ways, pharmacy techs are the backbone of the pharmacy operation, and for a pharmacy to be successful, they must play an active role. [click to continue…]


opioid labeling changesThe FDA recently announced class-wide changes to the way benzodiazepine and opioid medications are labeled in an effort to stop doctors from prescribing both types of drugs together inappropriately. When this happens, there is an increased risk for depression of the central nervous system and death. [click to continue…]


pharmacy compounding restrictionsOver the spring and summer, the FDA released several guidance documents that reveal what they think about pharmacy compounding now that relevant federal law provisions are in place, and there’s a budget available for oversight. [click to continue…]


2017: The Year of Reduced Opioid Manufacturing

by pharmacy on November 16, 2016

reduced opioid productionIn the wake of increased opioid overdose and dependence, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently announced the amount of opioid medication to be produced in 2017 will be reduced.

Next year, production for nearly every schedule II opiate and opioid medication will be reduced by at least 25%. For example, the amount of hydrocodone produced in 2017 will be 66% of 2015’s level. [click to continue…]


Made a Medication Error? Here’s What to Do

by pharmacy on November 9, 2016

medical errorAll humans make mistakes. And in the medical field, any mistake has the potential to cause harm, or even prove fatal. No medical professional wants to make a mistake, and no patient wants to be the victim of said mistake. So what do you when you make a clinical mistake? [click to continue…]


flavorxFlavoRx recently announced they’ve reached the 100 million liquid medicine mark. The company works with more than 46,000 pharmacies and flavors liquid medications to make them taste better for patients. After all, many medications don’t have an appealing taste, and for children and adults who can’t swallow pills, it’s the only option. [click to continue…]


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