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The Rise of Rare Diseases

by pharmacy on September 20, 2017

rare diseasesIn the last 20 years, we have seen a rise in diagnosis of rare diseases. While this sounds a little odd in that we suddenly have these diseases appearing in our society, the reality is that most of them have been around for quite a while. We simply have misdiagnosed folks with mental illness rather than the illness they actually suffer with. [click to continue…]


CT Scans for Lung Cancer

by pharmacy on September 13, 2017

CT scanSince about 2011, some hospitals have been performing CT scans for lung cancer screenings. Typically, there is a focus on high-risk patients and/or a-pack-a-day smokers. It has proved to be fairly effective by increasing survival rates by 20%. However, it has been at the center of some controversy. Some doctors say there is too high of a risk of a false positive, which can lead to unnecessary follow-up visits, unnecessary radiation doses, and adding to patient anxiety. Fortunately, an eight-year study was performed that shows that CT scans are still ideal for early detection over the simple chest x-ray. [click to continue…]


Summer Illnesses to Watch Out For

by pharmacy on September 6, 2017

Plenty of illnesses are associated with specific seasons. Although you can technically have the flu at any time of the year, winter is when it flourishes and is passed around heavily. Summer time may be associated with outdoor fun, beaches, swimming, and barbecues but it also hosts its own illnesses to keep an eye out for. Read on for a few things to watch out for this year! [click to continue…]


The Fight Against Heart Disease

by pharmacy on August 30, 2017

heart disease treatmentHeart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the US, regardless of race. It has been the number one killer for the last 80 years. Despite the fact that it’s so deadly, we are finally seeing fewer people die each year from heart disease. What are we doing that is working? [click to continue…]


The 289 Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Market

by pharmacy on August 23, 2017

pharmacy industryIn 2014, the pharmaceutical sector saw a big boom in business and they became the $289 billion market in drug and medical aid sales. How have we come so far that we are selling that much? Are we in for a market bust in the future? [click to continue…]


The Latest Trends in Pharma

by pharmacy on August 16, 2017

trends in pharmaThe pharmaceutical sector saw major growth in 2014; since then, it’s been a routine roller coaster ride with no clear indication of what will happen next. Part of what contributes to that is an election year, and 2016 was volatile in both the pharmaceutical and political arenas. However, 2017 is proving to be a year that will smooth out that ride and lead to incredible and fantastic growth in future years. [click to continue…]


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