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FDA to Track Drugs Used for Food Animals

by pharmacy on June 22, 2016

drugs used for food animalsIn May, the Food and Drug Administration issued a final rule on antimicrobial animal drug sales and distribution reporting. The rule requires the manufacturer of all newly approved animal drugs which contain an antimicrobial as an active ingredient to submit annual reports to the FDA detailing the amount of the ingredient in the product which has been sold or freely distributed for use in food-producing animals. The information is to include any distributor labeled product. This rule further modifies the requirements outlined in the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003, and the amendments to the act from 2008. [click to continue…]


Naming Issues Surrounding Biosimilars

by pharmacy on June 15, 2016

naming biosimilarsMany of today’s pharmacological breakthroughs are biological products. These products are created from a variety of living organisms such as animals, yeast, bacteria, or humans. These products have more complex structures and contain larger molecular mixtures than conventional drugs. Conventional drugs are derived from chemical substances which are easily identifiable. Biological products are far more complex which are harder to characterize and identify. [click to continue…]


Tbrain cancer therapyhe work toward curing, or at least effectively treating, a form of brain cancer has made significant strides over the past few years with the help of researchers at Duke University. Subsequent to the findings of the Phase I Clinical Trials, the FDA has changed the status of the trial to that of a breakthrough therapy. [click to continue…]


Stronger Warnings for Antibiotics

by pharmacy on June 1, 2016

antibiotic side effectsThe Food and Drug Administration recently issued a safety announcement to discuss the potentially serious side effects associated with certain antibacterial drugs. Fluoroquinolone is believed to have side effects which are severe enough that they should be avoided by patients who have other treatment options. [click to continue…]


The Future of E-Cigarettes

by pharmacy on May 25, 2016

e cigarettesIn 2009, President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This gave the FDA the authority to regulate tobacco products. In 2014 the FDA proposed recommendations for e-cigarettes that would require FDA review of existing and future products, warning labels, and a sales ban to individuals under the age of 18. [click to continue…]


FDA Approves Venclexta

by pharmacy on May 18, 2016

cancer treatmentThis past April, the FDA approved a new drug, targeting treatment for a form of leukemia that has been especially difficult to treat due to a specific chromosomal abnormality. The drug is called Venclexta and treats Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. cancer treatment venclexta [click to continue…]


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