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Watch Out for Lyme Disease

by pharmacy on July 19, 2017

Lyme-diseaseNow that the warm weather has settled in, more folks are outside, getting in plenty of hiking and spending lots of time in the yard and woods. It’s also tick season, and this year is expected to be our worst season of all. There is a huge population growth of white-footed mice that carry Lyme disease, and ticks often get it from those mice. Additionally, the unnaturally warm winter we had means even more ticks for the year. It will be quite possible to see a rise in diagnosis of Lyme disease. [click to continue…]


Obesity is a Disease: Is Treatment Working?

by pharmacy on July 12, 2017

obesity treatmentAlmost four years ago, the American Medical Association (AMA) classified obesity as a disease. The purpose of doing so was to increase awareness in physicians and push insurance companies to cover healthcare costs related to obesity. Understandably so, but was it the right move? Are we seeing any improvement in the rate of obesity in the country? [click to continue…]


amazon pharmaceuticalAmazon started off as a bookseller and has grown into a discount retail conglomerate that many people use regularly. It has become the site you can rely on for buying practically anything and everything. Now it’s being speculated that Amazon could be entering the pharmaceutical sector. What would that mean for pharmacies across America? Can they really break into our sector? [click to continue…]


Companies Selling Drugs Illegally

by pharmacy on June 28, 2017

illegal medicationsIn April, the FDA announced it had sent warning letters and online advisories to 14 different companies for selling illegal medications. All the companies are US based and were targeting cancer patients. They claimed their medications could prevent, diagnose, treat, and/or cure various forms of cancer without proof and FDA approval. The companies also used social media platforms and their own websites to sell these drugs. [click to continue…]


Safe Medication Disposal

by pharmacy on June 21, 2017

medication disposalLast year, Walgreens began an initiative to bring safe medication disposal units to their stores to combat improper disposals as well as abusing drugs that were no longer needed. Their success has been incredible and inspiring to many pharmacies across the US. [click to continue…]


Epidiolex for Epilepsy

by pharmacy on June 14, 2017

epilepsy treatmentThere is a strong movement in the country to move to the use of cannabis, and various forms of cannabis, for treating a wide variety of illnesses. Epilepsy is one illness that has been highlighted in the past as one that responds well to cannabis oils. Overall, the main component has been the use of a cannabinoid, a compound found in marijuana, to combat the seizures often associated with epilepsy. For parents who are desperate for a way to treat their child, this can be an enticing endeavor. Pharmaceutical companies are now stepping up and trying to create a medicine that will meet FDA standards and use cannabinoid to treat those seizures. [click to continue…]


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