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Pharmacy Career Tips

pharmacy continuing education classesContinuing education is a must of all pharmacists, as there are requirements in every state for license renewal. In some cases, there are specific courses you must take, while in others, you can choose the courses that are a good fit for your patient flow and interests. Whether you’re looking for courses to prepare for licensure or if you just want to increase your knowledge to become a better care provider for your patients, here are some continuing education courses that you should consider. [click to continue…]


productive pharmacistThe life of a pharmacist, whether clinical or retail, is a hectic one. There are so many tasks and responsibilities to be taken care of in a day, it can be hard to get it all done. Many times, you’ll walk out the door and wonder where the day went and how there could still be so much left to do on your list. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of every day behind the counter. [click to continue…]


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