STDs Are on The Rise – How We Can Help

by pharmacy on November 22, 2017

STDs on riseAccording to a new statement from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), STDs are on the rise and some are becoming drug resistant. This can be a scary situation for people who are sexually active, but one that pharmacists can certainly assist with. If you have noticed a rise in prescriptions for sexually transmitted diseases, or just want to be ahead of the curve, here are a few suggestions on how you can help. [click to continue…]


Puerto Rico drug shortageHurricane Maria was no kind stranger to Puerto Rico in September. We have watched in horror as people have struggled to rebuild. At the time of this writing, 70% of the country was still without electricity. One of the biggest concerns is getting medications into the country for those in need. Who would’ve thought we also need to worry about drug production? [click to continue…]


Help Your Patients with Walking and Meditation

by pharmacy on November 8, 2017

patients meditationWe are told often how we should move around more, especially given our tendencies to live fairly sedentary lives. We hear numerous reports on how meditation can help stress management. Yet, many of our patients are still not on the bandwagon when it comes to movement and relaxation techniques. So how we do help them become more educated and motivated to want to do better? [click to continue…]


Chagas Disease Has Made Its Way to North America

by pharmacy on November 1, 2017

Chagas DiseaseChagas Disease is a disease that has been prominent in Mexico, Central America, and South America and affects nearly 8 million people. Many of these people are not even aware that they have the disease. The CDC has reported that nearly 300,000 people in North America have been affected, and the disease has the potential to spread further. What is this disease and how is it treated? Here is some information to pass along to any of your pharmacy clients who may have recently traveled to Central or South America. [click to continue…]


Pharmaceuticals and Price Gouging Laws

by pharmacy on October 25, 2017

price gougingIn May, Maryland became the first state to pass price gouging laws that fight back to a growing trend of rising costs for generic and off-brand medicines. It passed with overwhelming support on all sides and has been met with open arms by those who need the prescriptions and those who prescribe them. The pharmaceutical industry is planning to fight back against the laws and intimidate other states from passing the same type of laws. [click to continue…]


What You Think You Knew About Pharmacists

by Jeremy Winograd on October 16, 2017

what you know about pharmacistsDespite the fact that Americans consistently rank them among the most trusted professions, there are still many misconceptions about pharmacists that have proven remarkably and frustratingly resilient. Even when millions of people around the country rely on pharmacists daily to fill their prescriptions, counsel them, and so much more, it seems as though only a relatively small percentage of those folks truly understand what those pharmacists are there for. Imagine if most Americans thought their grocery store cashiers spent their breaks slaughtering goats in the breakfast aisle – that’s almost the level of ignorance some pharmacists must deal with. So, in honor of Pharmacy Week, let us once and for all dispel a few of the most prevalent industry myths so that maybe pharmacists can start getting the full level of credit and respect they deserve. Make sure you read the whole post, as there is a special suprise for our avid readers! [click to continue…]


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