National Pharmacy Week Contest!

by pharmacy on October 17, 2016


Our pharmacists are truly indispensable. We thank you for all of your hard work, patience, and effort in making sure patients are adhering to their medications and are well-informed. In honor of National Pharmacy Week, we are celebrating YOU by launching a fun contest!

One of the things that makes your job enjoyable is working in a great environment. We want to hear about an environment that stuck out to you in your career. In the comment section below, tell us about the best pharmacy you’ve ever worked in and why. By commenting, you’ll have a chance to win one of two $50 Visa gift cards! Ready..set..comment!

Entries will be accepted until October 27th. Make sure to include your email address when commenting, so we can contact you if you win! We will be announcing our winners Friday, October 28th on our Facebook page so don’t forget to tune in!


All of the exciting recognition of professionals in the pharmacy industry this month may encourage you to think about your next career move. Check out our latest pharmacy jobs here!


October is American Pharmacists Month

by pharmacy on October 12, 2016

American Pharmacists MonthPharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare system, and this month is dedicated to them. The goal of American Pharmacists Month is to promote the pharmacy profession, in an effort to help gain the attention you deserve from your patients, peers, and the community as a whole. [click to continue…]


Increased Prescription Drug Use Linked to ACA

by pharmacy on September 28, 2016

ACA prescription drug useThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of those programs people either love or love to hate. Regardless of what side of the fence one comes down on, it has undeniably changed the landscape of healthcare since its inception in 2010. One of the recently documented benefits of the ACA is that more people are receiving treatment in the form of increased prescription drug use while paying less for it. This is especially true for people with chronic health conditions. [click to continue…]


The Effect of Biosimilar Names in the Pharmacy

by pharmacy on September 21, 2016

naming biosimilars pharmacyA biosimilar is a biological medical product that is manufactured by a different company but almost identical to an original product. These are officially approved versions that are generally produced after the patent expires on the original product. These products are typically molecularly complex and manufacturing differences can be problematic. Because of the increased potential for different effects between a biosimilar and the original biologic compound, there are specific regulations which let doctors and pharmacists know in greater detail how comparable two biological products are. [click to continue…]


Ketamine Based Anti-Depressant Being Considered by FDA

by pharmacy on September 14, 2016

anti depressantSuicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States across most age groups. This highlights the seriousness of depression and the need for a greater number of options for treatment. A ketamine-based alternative has undergoing Phase 2 clinical trials and the results are promising. [click to continue…]


September is National Recovery Month

by pharmacy on September 7, 2016

national recovery monthSeptember is National Recovery Month. Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery is the theme for 2016. The theme was chosen in order to focus on the valuable contribution families make to the recovery process. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provides many free resources for individuals and groups that wish to promote awareness of patients who are recovering from a mental disorder or a substance abuse disorder. There are several classifications of mental disorders, yet anxiety disorders and mood disorders are two of the most well-known. Substance abuse disorders can involve any type of substance that is habitually abused. [click to continue…]


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