What You Think You Knew About Pharmacists

by Jeremy Winograd on October 16, 2017

what you know about pharmacistsDespite the fact that Americans consistently rank them among the most trusted professions, there are still many misconceptions about pharmacists that have proven remarkably and frustratingly resilient. Even when millions of people around the country rely on pharmacists daily to fill their prescriptions, counsel them, and so much more, it seems as though only a relatively small percentage of those folks truly understand what those pharmacists are there for. Imagine if most Americans thought their grocery store cashiers spent their breaks slaughtering goats in the breakfast aisle – that’s almost the level of ignorance some pharmacists must deal with. So, in honor of Pharmacy Week, let us once and for all dispel a few of the most prevalent industry myths so that maybe pharmacists can start getting the full level of credit and respect they deserve. Make sure you read the whole post, as there is a special suprise for our avid readers! [click to continue…]


New Treatment for Batten Disease

by pharmacy on October 11, 2017

Batten DiseaseWhen children get sick, it can be a scary endeavor. When it’s a rare genetic disease, it becomes a devastating nightmare. A young boy, at four years old, is currently battling Batten disease that also took the life of his six-year-old brother just a year ago. Thanks to a new drug, recently approved by the FDA, there is hope for his survival. That survival will come with a lot of effort, time, and energy. We can only imagine how his family is enduring this situation. If any of your pharmacy clients have Batten disease, here is some information you can share with them. [click to continue…]


medication cost savingsWhile families are struggling to make ends meet, having their medications cost nearly as much as their mortgage is causing a lot of financial hardship in our country. The AARP recently released a study that found the cost of specialty drugs rose by nearly 10% in 2015; to be fair, some commonly used generics also dropped by 19% during the same time period. [click to continue…]


Geographical Ties to Crohn’s Disease

by pharmacy on September 27, 2017

crohns diseaseSome diseases may be tied to where we live. We see higher rates of cancer in families that live close to power plants. We see an increase in a wide variety of autoimmune disorders in people who live near polluted waters. Now, Canadian scientists have found a lack of Crohn’s disease in people who live in rural areas. The other interesting part of the report is that people who live in rural areas in the first five years of life are less likely to develop Crohn’s disease later on. [click to continue…]


The Rise of Rare Diseases

by pharmacy on September 20, 2017

rare diseasesIn the last 20 years, we have seen a rise in diagnosis of rare diseases. While this sounds a little odd in that we suddenly have these diseases appearing in our society, the reality is that most of them have been around for quite a while. We simply have misdiagnosed folks with mental illness rather than the illness they actually suffer with. [click to continue…]


CT Scans for Lung Cancer

by pharmacy on September 13, 2017

CT scanSince about 2011, some hospitals have been performing CT scans for lung cancer screenings. Typically, there is a focus on high-risk patients and/or a-pack-a-day smokers. It has proved to be fairly effective by increasing survival rates by 20%. However, it has been at the center of some controversy. Some doctors say there is too high of a risk of a false positive, which can lead to unnecessary follow-up visits, unnecessary radiation doses, and adding to patient anxiety. Fortunately, an eight-year study was performed that shows that CT scans are still ideal for early detection over the simple chest x-ray. [click to continue…]


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