Hurricane Season: Building a First Aid Kit

by pharmacy on July 27, 2016

first aid kitSummer is when hurricane awareness comes to the forefront of the collective consciousness. The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. Now is a good time for individuals to review their first aid kit and make sure they have all necessary medical supplies easily accessible or included in their hurricane preparations. [click to continue…]


Imodium Overdoses on the Rise

by pharmacy on July 20, 2016

imodium overdose preventionThe FDA recently released a press announcement to communicate the dangers of using loperamide in ways other than instructed. Loperamide is drug intended to be used to control diarrhea. The most common brand name is Imodium, but there are several generic options available. It is available without a prescription and widely accessible. [click to continue…]


Dangers of Buying Prescriptions Online

by pharmacy on July 13, 2016

online prescriptionsMost people have become comfortable making purchases online. Items are usually less expensive and quickly delivered, and privacy concerns have been largely mitigated. While it took a little longer for people to feel confident in purchasing healthcare items from an online retailer, the practice has become far more common. The potential for considerable savings, and the ability to find items that may be difficult to source locally, has boosted the trend. Unfortunately, the risks associated with purchasing prescriptions online have begun to increase. [click to continue…]


Cholera Vaccine for Travelers

by pharmacy on July 6, 2016

cholera vaccineCholera is a disease that causes dehydration from severe diarrhea. The bacteria responsible for cholera is Vibrio cholerae. Infection typically occurs when an individual drinks contaminated water, or eats food that has been contaminated. According to the World Health Organization, infection can kill within a few hours if not appropriately treated. There are between one and four million new cases each year and as many as 142,000 deaths annually. [click to continue…]


healthcare travel assignmentSo you’re ready to hit the road on a healthcare travel assignment. Whether it’s your first travel job or your tenth, you want to make the most of it.

It’s normal to be a bit nervous if you’re new to working as a healthcare traveler. In fact, even experienced healthcare workers might have a few butterflies when it comes time to start a new assignment. But either way, it’s exciting to hit the road and live and work somewhere new for the next 13 weeks. So make the most of the time you’re in town at your new assignment by doing some of the following: [click to continue…]


FDA to Track Drugs Used for Food Animals

by pharmacy on June 22, 2016

drugs used for food animalsIn May, the Food and Drug Administration issued a final rule on antimicrobial animal drug sales and distribution reporting. The rule requires the manufacturer of all newly approved animal drugs which contain an antimicrobial as an active ingredient to submit annual reports to the FDA detailing the amount of the ingredient in the product which has been sold or freely distributed for use in food-producing animals. The information is to include any distributor labeled product. This rule further modifies the requirements outlined in the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003, and the amendments to the act from 2008. [click to continue…]


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