The Latest Trends in Pharma

by pharmacy on August 16, 2017

trends in pharmaThe pharmaceutical sector saw major growth in 2014; since then, it’s been a routine roller coaster ride with no clear indication of what will happen next. Part of what contributes to that is an election year, and 2016 was volatile in both the pharmaceutical and political arenas. However, 2017 is proving to be a year that will smooth out that ride and lead to incredible and fantastic growth in future years. [click to continue…]


Immune Cells and the Link to Immunotherapy

by pharmacy on August 9, 2017

immunotherapyImmunotherapy has been around for quite some time, and it’s one of the therapies in the fight against cancer that could change the way we look at cancer treatment. However, even the most successful treatments still face an uphill battle when it comes to the intricacies of cancer. Immunotherapy is successful in about 10-30% of cancer patients with specific types of tumors. Even some of the more aggressive cancers have been treated with immunotherapy simply based on the type of tumor that has been growing. For a long time now, no one has been able to answer why exactly the number has remained so low, but researchers at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and UPMC may have found a clue that could unlock the power of immunotherapy drugs and raise their success rates. [click to continue…]


lung cancerLung cancer is the second most common form of cancer in patients across the country. Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of the highest rates of suicide amongst cancer patients. It’s theorized the reason behind this is the low survival rate amongst lung cancer patients. This is often attributed to the fact that a large majority of the patients are diagnosed late in the game. Without any early warning signs, it’s very difficult to catch lung cancer early enough to make survival a likelihood. [click to continue…]


Harvoni as a Miracle Drug

by Jeremy Winograd on July 26, 2017

Hepatitis C drug

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day. No, not “Hepatitis Awareness Day” or “Cure Hepatitis Day” or even “#hepatitisistheworstday.” It’s a bit curiously worded, isn’t it? It’s almost as if we are supposed to celebrate the disease itself, as we would celebrate, say, National Milk Chocolate Day (which just so happens to fall on the same day and is unquestionably worth celebrating). But perhaps the nomenclature is sort of appropriate – after all, thanks to recent pharmaceutical developments, the most common and deadly form of viral hepatitis, Hepatitis C, has become something of an underdog when considered against current treatment options and can only prevail when rooted for en masse. [click to continue…]


Watch Out for Lyme Disease

by pharmacy on July 19, 2017

Lyme-diseaseNow that the warm weather has settled in, more folks are outside, getting in plenty of hiking and spending lots of time in the yard and woods. It’s also tick season, and this year is expected to be our worst season of all. There is a huge population growth of white-footed mice that carry Lyme disease, and ticks often get it from those mice. Additionally, the unnaturally warm winter we had means even more ticks for the year. It will be quite possible to see a rise in diagnosis of Lyme disease. [click to continue…]


Obesity is a Disease: Is Treatment Working?

by pharmacy on July 12, 2017

obesity treatmentAlmost four years ago, the American Medical Association (AMA) classified obesity as a disease. The purpose of doing so was to increase awareness in physicians and push insurance companies to cover healthcare costs related to obesity. Understandably so, but was it the right move? Are we seeing any improvement in the rate of obesity in the country? [click to continue…]


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